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Sample Diet

Drink lots of water (at least 2 liters)

First 2 days on the injections eat LOTS of fattening food! This is very important to jump start the metabolism and sets the level of the HCG. Eat all day!!!!

Take HCG injections for 23 days, then no injections for the last three days, but continue to diet until all HCG is flushed from your system until you reach day 26.


Tea or coffee in any quantity without sugar. Only one tablespoonful of milk is allowed in 24 hours. Saccharin or Stevia may be used.



  1. 100 grams = 3.5 -4 oz., (size of a deck of cards) : BEEF, CHICKEN BREAST, TURKEY, FRESH WHITE FISH, LOBSTER, CRAB, OR SHRIMP**.

  2. VEGETABLE: choose one of the following- spinach, asparagus, cabbage, green salad, tomatoes, celery, fennel, onions (all kinds), chicory, beet-greens, red radishes, cucumbers or chard.

  3. One breadstick (grissino) or one Melba toast.

  4. An APPLE or a handful (6-9) of STRAWBERRIES or one-half GRAPEFRUIT, ORANGE * (you may have your fruit with your breakfast or as a snack) you get 2 a day and can eat them when you want to.

Dinner : 
The same choices as lunch.

Lunch and dinner should not be the same meal. Tea, Coffee, plain water or mineral water are the allowed and they may be taken in any quantity and at all times. The juice of one lemon daily is allowed for all purposes. Salt (minimal), pepper, vinegar, mustard powder, garlic, sweet basil, parsley, thyme, marjoram, etc., may be used for seasoning. But NO OIL, BUTTER or DRESSING.

Coffee, Tea
Coffee, Tea
Coffee, Tea
Coffee, Tea
Coffee, Tea
Coffee, Tea
Coffee, Tea
Spicy Taco Salad
Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Spicy Shrimp & Salad
Buffalo Chicken Salad
Shrimp, Tomato & Melba
White Fish & Green Salad
Chicken Fajitas
Chicken w/ Marinara sauce
Rosemary Cod & Asparagus
Bun-less Turkey burgers
Chilean Sea Bass & Asparagus
Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Grilled Steak and Asparagus
Meatballs & Marinara
Fruit Medley
Apple Cobbler
Jamaican Grapefruit
Orange Slushy
Strawberry Orange Smoothie
Apples with Strawberry Sauce
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