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Is it healthy to lose 1-2 lbs a day on the HCG diet?

HCG weight loss studies have shown that weight lost following the Simeons’ protocol comes directly from adipose fat tissue rather than lean muscle. In doing so, the weight lost comes directly from fat and does not strip the body of much needed muscle, vitamins, or minerals essential to maintain good health, while at the same time, releasing excessive amounts of fat-stored nutrients into the blood stream to be absorbed by the body. For this reason, HCG dieters report a feeling and appearance of great health and marvel at the loss of negative health risks they had as an overweight individual.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Weight loss varies between .5 pound and 3 lbs per day, with the average loss being 1-2 pounds per day. While losing 1-2 pounds daily without the use of HCG would be unhealthy, the HCG in fact changes this. You lose fat and the weight loss comes directly from this fat loss and does not strip the body.

Why am I injecting the HCG into the fatty tissue instead of the muscle?

The HCG is absorbed through the fatty tissue just as effectively as the muscle. It is much safer to inject yourself in the abdomen so you can actually see what you are doing. It is also important to note that there are several risks involved with administering an intramuscular injection which include the possibility of puncturing a vein that may cause phlebitis and tissue inflammation and therefore potentiate infection.

Can I drink alcohol while on Phase 2?

No. You should not drink any alcohol as it contains many calories, fat, yeast and breaks down into sugar in your body; all of which can disrupt your weight loss significantly.

What happens if my weight plateaus for a few days?

Many times there is a large amount of weight loss within the first week, then a plateau or leveling off. This does not mean that your weight loss has stopped. Typically, inches are being lost continuously while on the program, and after a day or so you will continue to loss based on the average. Some have a tendency to get frustrated if they go a day or two without losing even if they have experienced a huge drop within the first week. Most clients average approximately 1 lb per day so to see if you on in line with the average count the number of injections that you have taken and count how many pounds you've lost. The first 2 days fat loading during phase 1 don't count toward the average because you should typically gain weight while fat loading and possible day one of phase 2. A good rule of thumb to see where you stand is to subtract either 3 or 4 injections depending on whether you lost on day 1 of phase 2 or not. For example, if you've taken 12 injections and lost 9 lbs not counting the two fat loading injections you'd be averaging 1 lb per injection. It is very common, mostly for women, to have a 2‐4 day weight plateau. Internal research has shown that this usually occurs around the 3rd week on the injections. Most plateaus are the result of a hormonal imbalance prior to therapy which typically occurs in pre and post menopausal women. A plateau may also be the result of constipation, which is very common on a high protein diet. It is possible to hold several pounds of stool in your colon over a period of several days. It is important to include light exercise and drink plenty of fluids which help increase the movement within the colon.

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