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Why do I need to skip a day of injections?

HCG immunity can develop. In those that take 40 injections the onset of immunity can be delayed if they only have six injections a week, leaving out Sundays or any day they choose, provided that it is always the same day.

Is HCG made from the urine of pregnant women?

Yes, HCG is a highly purified glycoprotein hormone that is produced by the human placenta and obtained from the urine of pregnant women which is then tested for potency and standardized by a biological assay procedure. It is the very same product given to women in high doses to induce fertilization. Physicians advise that child bearing women between the ages of 25‐50 to use some form of birth control or contraceptive while taking HCG. The daily dosage is very low; however, the risks of becoming pregnant may increase due to a slight elevation in hormone production.

What happens if I forget to give myself the injection?

The HCG remains in your body for approximately 3 days. It is best to give yourself the injection as soon as you wake up. However, if you forget and don't remember until several hours later, you may simply give yourself the injection at that time. If you skip an entire day, do not double your dose the next day.

Does HCG expire or go bad?

HCG has a 100% stable shelf life of 60 days in your refrigerator. It is also important not to leave the HCG vial at room temperature for more than 6 hours so as not to decrease its stability.

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