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Is it necessary to do a Candida Cleanse?

Candida Albicans is yeast that is commonly found in small amounts within the intestine and vaginal area; uncommon areas include the mouth and bloodstream. Antibiotics in food and medication can build up in the intestine and potentially slow down metabolism, decrease digestion and lower the immune system. Although there have been no clinical findings to support this mechanism, it is only theoretical at this time. Most Naturopathic Physicians support this concept and agree that an overgrowth of Candida yeast may contribute to an unhealthy digestive tract.

Is it necessary to do a Colon Cleanse?

Cleansing and detoxifying the colon is important to maintain general health. Toxins can build up in your colon over a period of months and years which may inhibit weight loss and depress your immune system. We are also exposed to a vast number of toxins in our food, the air, the water we drink, at the workplace and even in our homes. It is imperative to cleanse the colon in order to maintain general health and wellness.

How is the hypothalamus involved in this weight loss program?

The HCG Diet Protocol is designed to ''RESET'' the hypothalamus and normalize its function. Due to our modern lifestyle and the evolution of processed foods, the hypothalamus can get ''out of whack'' which causes the body to store fat from the excess carbohydrates and calories we consume. This fat gets stored away in ''problem areas'' on the body which then cannot be easily used by the body for fuel. Exercise cannot ''work'' it off, as many have discovered after months running on treadmills in gyms throughout the land. The HCG Diet Protocol programs the hypothalamus to access this stubborn problem‐fat and use it as fuel for the body.

What is the hypothalamus?

The hypothalamus is a tiny gland at the base of your brain that is responsible for a number of very important functions like: regulation of metabolism, balancing of hormones, maintaining heart rate, hunger, and the storage and use of stored fat.

How do I maintain my weight loss once I have achieved my goal?

The best way to maintain your weight loss is first to understand that everyone's body size, shape and weight differs. An easy equation to calculate your total caloric intake for the day will be your baseline to achieve maximum weight management. Multiply your goal weight by 13.

For example:

140 (pounds) X 13 = 1820 calories per day to maintain weight loss.
180 (pounds) X 13 = 2340 calories per day to maintain weight loss.

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